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what we are

What Prontoblock does.

Prontoblock provides innovative solutions to financial intermediaries and other market participants. Using blockchain technology, the Prontoblock platform puts traditional financial instruments on-chain to streamline operations and increase access to a wider range of qualified market participants.

what we do

Why Prontoblock does it.

Our platform makes things faster, more transparent and more profitable to more people by digitizing, tokenizing and fractionalizing assets for more effective operations, distribution and pricing.

How Prontoblock does it.

The Prontoblock platform includes:

A tokenized commercial paper product designed to provide borrowers a way to offer qualified investors higher returns on short-term cash compared to a savings account.  Through tokenization, ProntoCASH+ offers investors a secure and transparent way to invest in high-quality, short-term corporate debt, without the need for intermediaries or extensive paperwork. With a focus on capital preservation and liquidity, ProntoCASH+ offers a compelling alternative to traditional savings accounts, with the potential for higher yields and improved returns.

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A tokenized fixed income product that provides issuers a way to reach a broader investor base and have greater control over the distribution of their securities including increased liquidity, reduced settlement times, and lower transaction costs. Additionally, investors can utilize ProntoBOND to access a diverse range of fixed income offerings with reduced fees, increased liquidity, and transparency. ProntoBOND encompasses a wide range of fixed income instruments, including corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and other high-quality debt securities.

A tokenized alts product that empowers hedge funds and private equity funds to offer their asset classes to investors in a secure and transparent manner. Through tokenization, ProntoALTS enables funds to provide qualified investors with easy access to alternative investments that are typically only available to institutional investors, while offering reduced fees and increased liquidity. The goal is to provide investors with greater flexibility and control over their investment portfolios, while offering access to high-quality alternative investments that have undergone rigorous due diligence and are managed by experienced professionals.

Please email for more information and to stay-up-to-date on our product developments.

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