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what we are

What Prontoblock does.

Prontoblock provides innovative solutions to financial intermediaries, and ultimately everyday people. Our products open up digital asset markets and streamline investment instrument operations using DeFi protocols.

what we do

Why Prontoblock does it.

Dated technology and processes limits access to many financial assets to a small audience.

Our platform makes things faster, more transparent and more profitable to more people by digitizing, tokenizing and fractionalizing assets for more effective operations, distribution and pricing.

How Prontoblock does it.

In addition to our live platforms, we are currently developing and refining proprietary and integrated blockchain solutions. These include:

Our institutional-grade Electronic Communication Network provides access to deep pools of liquidity across popular digital currencies, drastically reducing transaction costs.

Providing financial institutions an infrastructure to access digital assets like crypto currencies; enabling banks to custody, lend / borrow and stake digital currencies to generate revenue for them and their customers.

Modernizing the corporate bond and loan issuance process, utilizing DeFi protocols to reduce transaction costs and provide access to a wider range of participants.

Please email for more information and to stay-up-to-date on our product developments.

how we do it
who we are

Who Prontoblock is.

David Hinman

Advisor, Board Member

Mr. Hinman's background is in fixed income asset management, both as a portfolio manager and trader, beginning his career at PIMCO, he recently sold the asset manager he co-founded in 2009

Thomas Loscalzo


Expert in software development, data science, AI, fintech and compliance tech, as well as telecom and regulatory sectors.

Suj Naran


Fixed income and capital markets expert; developing and building electronic trading platforms for multiple fixed income markets

Jim Henning


Executive experienced in startup team alignment, communications strategy & leadership; service system design, critical care physician / MBA.

Brendan Connaughton


Wealth & investment strategy expert, developed and implemented strategies for thousands of investors, individuals, institutions and charitable organizations

Brian Connaughton


20+ years of financial / tech marketing experience working with Morgan Stanley, Schwab, UBS, Version, Samsung, eBay, American Express and more.

Alex Gault


Serial tech entrepreneur with product marketing expertise taking innovative technologies to market through multi-platform media strategies.

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